Welcome to Fortunate Me ✔!

Here at Fortunate Me we are all about:

sharing knowledge

investing our time into people, and of course…

succeeding all together so we can all discover our fortunate selfs.

– The author: Stefan Koenen

“I built this community because here I am able to share my struggles and concerns that prevent me from doing the next neccessary steps. Everybody else in this community shares those same keyvalues which makes it a comfort environment for me and everybody in it. I am here to maintain a habit of action and beat progrestination through sharing of my struggles and successes, to inspire and to be inspired.

“So what excactly can I find here, Stefan?

“Thank you for asking interested and passionate reader! ;-)”

“Rather you own a business or you are a student that wants to grow doesnt matter…”

“Getting into business or starting a project can be a scary thing because if you don’t know what you are doing you WILL make mistakes that can hurt you. Therefore I decided to create a network in which I can grow, learn and teach in the same time as well as prevent others from making unnecessary mistakes.”

You are right here if:
• you want to learn and grow from other people’s mistakes to leverage the time they invested
• you want to teach others and share your personal experiences in a certain field on how to reach success in it
• you want to promote something which provides value to other peoples lifes

“Thank you for joining the community and stay tuned!”

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